Five Ways to Update & Maintain Your Home This New Year

In January, we often make resolutions to improve every aspect of our lives, from our health to our habits to our hobbies.

So, what about making a few resolutions for your home?

Here are five easy ways to add value to your home through maintenance or improvements:

1. Clean the gutters
Before spring showers head your way, clear out the debris that fall left behind.

2. Caulk windows and doors
A little preventative caulking will keep water from seeping in and potentially causing costly damage.

3. Refresh your paint

Maybe you just need to paint over the scuffs on the trim, or maybe it's time for a bright new hue on your front door.
4. Let the laundry room breathe
Clean out dryer vents and air ducts to prevent heat buildup.

5. Consider curb appeal
Prepare your yard for spring planting.

Here are five pieces of inspiration for updating your space in the new year.

1. Go bold.
Paint an accent wall or a piece of furniture an of-the-moment, intense hue – like bright blue, fuchsia, kelly green or purple.

2. Embrace nature.
Lacking a green thumb? Try succulents, which are some of the easiest plants to keep alive. Planters in natural materials like concrete and wood extend the organic feel.

3. Play with patterns.
Geometric patterns continue to dominate décor designs. Integrate them into your space in a low-stakes way through patterned throw pillows or removable wallpaper.

4. Head toward the fringes.
Textile trends are leading toward the tactile, with fringe popping up on everything from bedding to curtains to ottomans.

5. Gild it.
Metallic accents make a room pop, and today's tones can be mixed and layered, so consider trying brass serving trays with polished nickel cabinet pulls.

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