Moving Tips

Congrats, you’ve made it to the end of the path. The only thing left is the hard part – moving! Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading to a bigger and better place, or downsizing to simplify your life – you still have to physically move to reach the end goal.

Our Best Moving Advice… Move less Stuff.

We recommend creating 3 Categories of Stuff:

1. Stuff to Give Away

Donate items to local charities. By giving away things you don’t need, you are helping someone else. It is a good way to pay it forward.

2. Stuff to Sell

Some items retain value well or even gain value due to nostalgia or limited availability. We don’t recommend trying to sell everything you don’t need, but pick and choose the items that may earn $100+ on Craigslist, Ebay, or a Private Facebook Group. Anything much less than that is hardly worth the effort and hassle to sell.

3. Stuff to Keep

Now that you’ve donated and sold all the items you don’t truly love or need anymore, your move will be less expensive and much easier to manage.

Make a Plan

The only way to manage a move is to document your plan/checklist.

Whether it’s Word document, handwritten legal pad, or use an app like Trello or Evernote, they key is to make a plan and have a place to document all the details to free yourself of having to remember everything.

Checklist Items to Consider:

  •  Key Dates & Account Numbers
  • Cancel Current Utilities
  • Transfer or Activate Future Utilities
  • Forward Mail
  • Formal Address Change
  • Hire Movers


Children Advice

If you have children or pets, get a sitter for moving day to help watch them to minimize the chaos in their life and be sure they are safe.


Get a variety of box sizes, so that small items don’t get jumbled around in the move or loose in boxes that are too large. Stock up on lots of boxes, whether from U-Haul, Uline, Home Depot or  Craigslist, it’s almost impossible to have too many boxes.

Make an Essentials Kit

The last thing you want to be doing as your moving day winds down is start looking through boxes for your toothbrush. Pack a box with all your key essentials that will make you comfortable as you unpack and begin living in your new space. Toiletries, paper plates/towels, pillows & bedding, clean clothes, pajamas, coffee maker and coffee, ibuprofen, pet items and maybe a bottle of wine to celebrate your final steps on this journey.

Simple Hacks to Make Moving Easier

If you’re like most people, you prefer to do the packing yourself. It saves you money, but also ensures you pack the way you want to protect your stuff. When it comes time to pack boxes and move, these top tips and life hacks should help make moving as stress free as possible.

  • Cut Handles into Boxes
  • Flip Furniture Handles
  • Make a Temporary Handle out of Tape
  • Fill Drawers
  • Use Cling Film to wrap Drawers into Place
  • Take Pictures to Document how Cables Connect
  • Use Ziplock Bags to hold Loose Screws
  • Use Colored Labels to Group Boxes by Room
  • Pack Clothes on a Hanger & Wrap with Trash Bag
  • Use Linen to Wrap Fragile Objects
  • Use Paper Plates to prevent Plates from Chipping
  • Pack Essentials into Separate Box
  • Savor the Moment

Acknowledge that it will be a difficult couple of weeks on a path where a few bumps are unavoidable. Take pride in the work you’ve accomplished and goals you’ve achieved, you’ve earned this moment.


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