Selling Your Home is Like Baking Cupcakes

You may ask yourself, how is selling a home like baking a cupcake? Well, we really like cupcakes so we thought it would be a great analogy for those who share our passion. You see cupcakes are usually baked for grand, happy occasions. A cupcake is baked with passion, love and attention to detail. That same type of passion and attention to detail is needed when you are selling your home.

First, you should be prepared and organized before beginning. First impressions are critical. A cupcake with a beautiful design is more appealing to the eye and more likely to be eaten first. A buyer should be impressed at the first glance when seeing a house. This means curb appeal. It is a good idea to clean, repair and repaint your front door (we may even discuss replacing it), garage door and front yard. You don’t want potential buyers to see obvious flaws at the beginning of the showing. A well-kept house will show potential buyers that you love your home and make it all the more attractive to potential buyers!

When you bake a cupcake, it smells delicious. Scents create powerful emotions in us. Those powerful emotions can be harnessed to help make your home more attractive to buyers. Light a scented candle, use an air freshener or better yet, bake a batch of cupcakes that can be left out for potential buyers to sample! By doing this, it will create a connection between your home and the buyers that view your home. Our team represents a lot of buyers. As a result we know that throughout the showing stage of choosing a house buyers begin to give nicknames to the homes they see. Being referred to as the “cupcake house” will bring back good memories and may be all that it takes to place your home on the top of their list.

Next, do you want to eat a dirty cupcake? Neither do home buyers. If a house they are visiting is cluttered and messy, buyers don’t want to stay at that house very long. Before your property hits the market make sure to clean the house. The carpets, windows and kitchen should be clean at all times and free of clutter just in case a surprise showing comes up. Keep all the toys and dirty laundry picked up and out of sight. Keep the trash emptied in all trashcans or keep them out of sight. This is probably the cheapest and fastest way to increase the value of your home. (Too Busy? Ask us for a referral for a house cleaning company).

The biggest cupcake is often the first one taken from the box. The same thing happens with houses. A house that looks and feels like there is more space, even if that is not the case, is more attractive to potential buyers. If you have any big or awkward looking furniture that takes up too much space, remove it, hide it or better yet sell it! Storage sheds are often within five minutes of the house and can be a great place to store furniture you are attached to but know takes up too much room in the house. It is likely that you and potential buyers don’t have the same taste when it comes to furniture and decor. By removing unnecessary furniture, it makes your house can look bigger than the house down the street.

Have you ever heard of a “sad cupcake”?  A gloomy and dark room will make you buyers feel sad and unexcited about the house. Open all the drapes, blinds and curtains. This can make a huge difference by creating a brighter room that looks bigger and makes the potential buyer feel better about the home. Also turn on music before a showing that can be heard throughout the house. Try "Money, Money, Money," by ABBA, it will make them want to spend more! Just kidding… stick with light classical music that creates a light relaxing environment.

Would you want a hair on your cupcake? Definitely not! This is a sensitive subject for many home sellers, but we need to talk about Fido and Fluffy . . . If you have pets in your home and a showing is about to take place, taking them for a walk is always a good idea. Your dog's bark may be worse than its bite, but it is intimidating for a buyer and can direct their focus away from the positive features of your home. Make sure to clean up after your pets, pick up their toys, clean up their hair and make sure there is no trace of them in the yard. Potential buyers might have some allergies with pet hair or dander. You don’t want your home to be nicknamed the “cat house.”

Some cupcake lovers choose their cupcakes by looking at the nutritional information. Have a printout ready about the school district, attractions, activities, good neighbors or even a shopping center nearby. Make them feel interested on their surroundings and fall in love with the neighborhood. Let them know why you decided to buy in that area and what you love about it. We will help you with creating this information and presenting it just right.

So you see, selling your home is just like baking cupcakes. The list could go on and on, but the cupcake comparisons have made us really hungry. Contact us today to set up a complimentary in home review to create a customized plan to make your home the best cupcake on the market …I mean the most competitive home in your area. (We’ll even bring the cupcakes).

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