So you want to be a Realtor®

I love being a REALTOR®. Finding passion in your work will help your business thrive and grow. I enjoy guiding people along the path of moving from one place in life to another. Understanding it is more than simply buying and selling homes allows me the joy of helping people through a significant life transition.

Everyone who comes to me for real estate help is going through something significant in their life. It could be a change in family size, a change in health, a change in job, or even a change in lifestyle desired, such as when someone wants something different like a lake home or horse farm. Understanding these transitions and helping to guide people through a process that can be complex and frustrating in order for them to have a simple and enjoyable experience gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

People who go into the real estate profession with a passion for helping others will usually do well. People who go into real estate thinking it is the silver bullet or magic crystal ball to wealth will fail. There is a direct relationship of effort to results, just like in most businesses.

Real Estate Can Be Intense

Agents are on call almost all the time, handling issues for people who are going through a roller coaster of emotions and financial decisions, while staying on top of ever changing laws and trends. Real estate is fast paced and requires investing a lot of hours to grow a successful business.

Beyond a core desire to help people, the traits of a successful real estate professional include a desire to drive one’s own destiny and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The top agents are also competitive, creative, solution oriented, detail oriented, always learning, adaptable, and outgoing.

Successful agents are either single or have a significant other who supports and encourages them, cheering them on to success, and supporting the long and irregular hours needed to achieve success. The support of family and friends is important, as well as the support of a strong broker or team leader who truly cares about the agent’s success by providing coaching, mentoring, training and business opportunities.

If you focus on the big picture and know why you do what you do, you will find success and satisfaction in any career. Remember it all comes back to guiding and helping clients, realizing what goes around comes around. Sounds simple, but I believe simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and life’s most complex truths are beautifully simple.

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