Top 10 Advantages of Apartment Living—New Jersey Apartments

If you are on the hunt for a home around New Jersey, you might have been tempted by the idea of either purchasing a property or renting a whole house. While both of these options have certain advantages for some, they also come with no shortage of drawbacks. Especially if you want both flexibility and affordable monthly costs. Instead, a rental apartment is a generous worthwhile idea that comes with numerous distinct benefits that those from individual renters or entire families can take advantage of.

Below are 10 excellent reasons why renting a one or two-bedroom apartment home for yourself in New Jersey is a suburb option.

10 Advantages of Apartment Living

1. Lower Price

The first and foremost thing that you will more than likely keep in mind when looking for a rental home is how hard it is going to hit your monthly budget. When it comes to apartment rentals, this monthly impact is nearly guaranteed to be lower than it is with a house or a home purchase. House rental fees are nearly always higher because of the extra exterior space and taxes that the owner of the property is required to cover. Utility expenses tend to be steeper as well. There are of course HOA and condominium fees that will be avoided if an apartment is rented instead of buying a property or condominium of your own.

2. Maintenance Convenience

If you decide to buy a house or other property of your own, it goes without saying all or most of its maintenance expenses are fully yours to bear. If you just rent a whole house, there will be maintenance and landscape care costs the owner of the house won't cover for you. When it comes to apartment rentals, on the other hand, few of these additional expenses apply. Any problems with plumbing, electrical, heating, or other systems and devices in the premises of your home are conveniently covered by the owners, leaving you peace of mind and money in your pocket.

Top 10 Advantages of Apartment Living

3. Flexible Location

Few things tie people to a specific neighborhood or geographical location in the way that buying a property there does. For example, if crime goes through the roof, your home isn't going anywhere. The economy is going down? Good luck finding a new job and selling your property in the new low market. A house, apartment, or condominium you buy in a specific place is your burden. If you want a change of scenery later, you will either have to sell it regardless of where the market is and how it will favor your sale. If you decide to rent, on the other hand, you can leave at any time you like with no critical losses.

4. Risky Investments Avoided

Sometimes buying a home or other property isn't the best long-term investment that can be made. Property markets can rise, but they do collapse, and cities can too go through deep economic and social slumps. For both things, you can never be entirely sure that they won't happen, and you may find yourself in a hurry to move. Buying a property in a place where you may not even decide to set down roots for the long run is a possibly needless exercise when betting against the possibilities of an uncertain future.

5. No Outdoor Upkeep

When you rent or own a house, there are a ton of outdoor maintenance tasks that come with it. Many of these will be your responsibility, and this will apply if you choose to instead rent. All duties will mean both a cash outlay and time consumed on something you might not want to be doing. In most house rental contracts, these responsibilities are included, and they are even often part of neighborhood bylaws for homeowners too.

In renting a cozy, maintenance-free apartment in New Jersey, you can completely sidestep all of the above for a place in which the only focus can be on feeling at home while the outdoor stuff is taken care of by others for you.

Top 10 Advantages of Apartment Living

6. Built-In Amenities

Unlike houses, apartment complexes come with numerous built-in amenities that can be enjoyed without you having to be responsible for their upkeep. These amenities might include a full-sized and regularly cleaned swimming pool, carports, a courtyard, a picnic area, and easy access to several nearby parks and lakes. All of these can offer avenues for relaxation without worrying about maintenance.

7. Access to Schools and Education

Nearby schools—private and public—and colleges can be an important part of where you live. Renting allows the flexibility to find the best schooling for you or your family. The school districts are top-rated in New Jersey, according to Niche. Good public schools can come with high property taxes which you won't have to pay if you decide to rent.

8. Emphasis on Community

A part of living in an apartment complex with shared space and amenities is a growing sense of community. The longer you spend there, the better acquainted you and your neighbors will become, creating a close-knit sense of belonging that helps build friendships and security. If you ahem family or pets you can't always keep a close eye on, neighbors can easily become accessible helpers in a way that isn't nearly as easy to find when living in your own house. The same will go for having someone keep an eye on your home.

Top 10 Advantages of Apartment Living

9. Less Baggage

Apartment living can include minimalist living, and for those who love the idea of no baggage, this is one of the best advantages of renting this type of home. If you wish to keep things lean and easy for a rapid move, offer flexible lease terms that make it easy to walk away whenever you need to. Compare this to renting a house or buying a home of any kind, both of which obligate you to spend more money on things you won't be able to easily leave behind whenever you so like.

10. Style Choices

If you buy a house or condominium of your own, the design and architectural style it comes with is what you are stuck with unless you decide to spend time and money on renovations. With apartment rentals, these limitations and costs no longer apply. Don't like the look of your place anymore? End your rental agreement and walk off in search of something new and different.

The Bottom Line

Apartment renting can be significantly better living with fewer constraints on yourself. From lower prices to avoiding risky investments, apartment living is all around easier. With on-site amenities and maintenance, apartment living has never been more attractive. There is a strong emphasis on community, as well as less baggage, making this type of living suitable for those of all ages and walks of life. Explore the best of apartment living today.


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